L. Douglas Rae

L. Douglas Rae

Barrister and Solicitor

Doug Rae has almost 40 years of experience and is the founder of Rae and Company.

Doug’s areas of practice include corporate, commercial and litigation with a focus on natural resources law and aboriginal law.  He has appeared before administrative tribunals, provincial superior courts, Federal Court, appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Canada.  He has represented a number of oil and gas producing First Nations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, handling land claims matters, resource rent sharing issues, First Nations owned oil and gas corporate matters, resource benefits agreements, pipeline construction related work, and cross jurisdictional issues.  Douglas has produced a number of studies for First Nations whereby control and management of mineral resources would be regained from the Government of Canada.  He has also worked on First Nations casino and gaming projects.  Douglas is a member of the Law Society of the Northwest Territories.


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