Aboriginal & First Nations Law

Aboriginal & First Nations Law

We have experience negotiating with various regulatory bodies at both the provincial and federal level, and have proven experience with cases concerning the protection of Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

Our services include legal advocacy in the following matters:

  • Resource development
  • Human rights
  • Allocation of reserve lands and resources
  • Consultation
  • Breach of trust and fiduciary obligations
  • Governance
  • Extensive experience dealing with Indian Oil and Gas Act

Project Specific Consultation

Rae and Company works to provide advice and to facilitate consultation on a case by case basis, developing agreements and negotiating amongst multiple parties, including both government and industry.

Project areas include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Forestry
  • Real estate
  • Mining
  • Employment services
  • Gaming

Specific Claims

Our team has substantial experience providing legal advice and negotiation services in connection with Treaty Land Entitlement claims and other specific claims arising from breaches of legal obligations owed by Canada including illegal leases or disposition of reserve lands

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