Doug Rae Co-Lecturer at Mini LLB for Aboriginal Leadership

Doug Rae, Partner at Rae and Company, is honoured to be a Co-Lecturer at the upcoming Mini LLB for Aboriginal Leadership in Calgary, Alberta on March 10 and 11, 2015.

Doug’s presentation covers the topic “Good Corporate Governance & Duties of Directors”.

The Mini LLB for Aboriginal Leadership is essential for Aboriginal leaders, consultants, lawyers, and partners to understand the key business and legal concepts affecting First Nations’ business.

Course leaders and co-lecturers bring a variety of experience related to: Aboriginal economic development and business structures, treaty entitlement, employment labour law, resource-related and constitutional law, and consultation between Aboriginal governments, the resource sector and other levels of government, along with much more.

The course will help attendees to understand issues affecting First Nations’ businesses, including:

  • Developing an understanding of business structures such as limited partnerships and joint ventures
  • Providing insight into fundamentals of Aboriginal law and the impacts on Aboriginal corporations, including shareholder and member rights
  • Clarifying taxation implications, business reporting requirements, privacy issues, and human resources risk
  • Ensuring good corporate governance and clarifying director liability issues
  • Discussing effective negotiating strategies, key agreements, and tactics for planning, negotiating and drafting partnership agreements with mainstream businesses and governments

Also included in the course is a workshop titled “Effective Negotiating Strategies for Aboriginal Communities/Businesses and their Prospective Partners” which will provide effective tools to achieve successful negotiations.

For more information about the course, or to register, click here.

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